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22:09 PM / 29th September 2023

Iain Johnson CEO talks to Prime Resi about trends & opportunities in the Prime Residential Design Sector

Studios are grouping their employees differently, whether it be around specific projects or into A and B teams to manage flow of people returning to the office safely. We’ve also seen a rise in demand for contract employees. In an uncertain economic climate, many of our clients have been keen to minimise financial commitment and are therefore happy to adopt a short term, more flexible approach to recruitment. With contract staff they can engage and release on very short notice periods and can also lean on our cashflow which is a help for some in these uncertain times. Similarly, candidates seem very open to freelance working – lockdown has given people a taste of the flexible lifestyle and experience in managing their own time. Accepting a short-term contract is no longer perceived risky, but more a wise move in an uncertain climate.

Iain Johnson, CEO of Allect Design Group: “Our open-minded approach to the team structure, new hires and the way we have incorporated freelance contracts as we carefully craft and expand our business sustainability, has resulted in the most diverse and dynamic team we’ve ever had.

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