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Style Inspiration: The Home Office

Office space ideas from Head of Interior Design, Paul Fishpool, in time for Father’s Day.

  1. If you don’t have space for a dedicated home office, what options do you have?

With advances in technology, a dedicated space in the home for an office may not always be necessary and there are plenty of alternative options. Laptops and tablets are completely portable, so a specific room is often not required; instead, certain elements of a room can be designed as multi-functional to incorporate an office space. For instance, bespoke fitted joinery in a living room or bedroom can be used to disguise pull-out sections that form a desk and storage cupboards can conceal a wireless printer.


  1. What home office storage ideas would help keep someone on top of their work?

Office storage in the home is important; it should be easily accessible and complement the aesthetic of the room. Highstreet stores such as Muji have clean, minimal storage solutions which fit seamlessly into most rooms without detracting from the rest of the décor. If you do wish to make the storage more of a feature, leather-bound filing can add a more traditional element to a space.


  1. What are your top tips to buying a home office desk and chair? What factors should someone consider before making their final decision?

Comfort is crucial when deciding on all furniture for the home, but this is especially important for items you will be using as frequently as a home office desk and chair. There are key design elements to consider for these, such as the height of the desk if you have a fixed height chair – the worktop surface must be a comfortable working height while seated and the top must not be too thick to ensure that your legs fit comfortably underneath it. Whether purchasing a sitting or standing desk, integrated drawers to the side are essential for additional storage for documents and other clutter you do not wish to have on display. The chair must be ergonomic to ensure a comfortable and productive working environment – the more adjustable the better!


  1. What are your top tips to decorating and accessorising a desk?

Choose filing trays, pen pots and organisers that complement the aesthetic of the room and make a feature of the desk space. Generic office accessories can be uninspiring and clash with home decor. Some of our favourite brands for these items are Linley, Amara and 1st Dibs. Cables are both unattractive and tiresome, so it is worth investing in some cable management whether that be cable ties or cable trays under the desk.


  1. How can someone make their workspace feel homely? Please give a few examples.

Homeliness can be created without too much clutter. We suggest adding photos in frames, quirky personal accessories, plants, inspirational quotes, or a unique paper weight.


  1. How important is lighting in a home office and why? What are your top tips to lighting a home office?

Good task lighting is essential (a dedicated desk lamp), and adjustable general lighting allows you to control the level of light throughout the day. This will ensure that the lighting is never too harsh, and the amount of daylight can be maximised. The ‘Kelvin’ desk lamp by Flos is an example of stylish and contemporary task lighting.


  1. How would you suggest someone dresses their home office window and why?

Glare on a computer screen can a huge irritant so a sheer roller blind can be installed to diffuse direct sunlight and create a soft, even light within which to work.

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