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Discreet lighting delivers dynamic results

From forward-thinking research, experience and understanding, a new product is born. Rigby and Rigby visited long-term partner Light IQ’s new development and research centre, recently, to understand the new opportunities in super-prime lighting design and how they approach innovation in product design.

Working with dramatically different architectural styles, in some of the world’s most exclusive residential properties, has led Rigby and Rigby and Light IQ to develop highly innovative approaches to ensure lighting schemes enhance architectural details, highlight furnishings and works of art, and create ambience – without being intrusive.

This experience has, in turn, led to the introduction of the Lucerna Lighting system, which has the flexibility and capacity to adapt to completely different lighting specifications and treatments down to the simplest of layout or lighting level adjustment; from clean and contemporary modern interiors to more traditional spaces. A balance of cutting-edge technology and Light IQ’s extensive experience in developing lighting schemes that push the boundaries of lighting design, Lucerna Lighting was chosen in consultation with Rigby and Rigby’s RIBA Architectural studio following a series of workshop tests.

As part of this long term collaboration between Light IQ and Rigby and Rigby, Lucerna Lighting will feature in a number of Rigby and Rigby’s most exclusive developments, to meet the needs of its discerning client base, going forward.

Iain Johnson, Head of Residential for Rigby and Rigby, said: “Our clients demand beautiful aesthetics coupled with technically proficient and cleverly designed products, and Light IQ continue to deliver against this challenging brief with the Lucerna Lighting system. Clients are much more concerned with health and wellbeing now, as well as aesthetics and functionality, and we have to really understand a much more diverse criteria and brief to ensure that our properties are a success.”

Adds Light IQ founder Rebecca Weir: “In residential schemes, lighting is so often considered purely decorative – defined by the shape of a wall sconce or pendant. However for me, light is a dynamic, yet discreet presence within a property, with the ability to change our focus at different times of the day and reinforce the character of a space. It is this understanding and expertise that enables the Light IQ team to transform great spaces into outstanding ones.

“We work closely with the architectural team, at concept design stage, to infuse plans with schemes that respond to the light, space and shape of each development. The team remains close to the project throughout, custom-manufacturing the lighting system and ensuring precise details are delivered which meet client requirements and bring their vision for the property to life.”

“It continues to be a privilege to work with Rigby and Rigby and to have their trust in designing challenging and exciting schemes for their projects. I am delighted we will be collaborating on a number of projects involving Lucerna Lighting and it will, I believe, enable us to integrate even more interesting, subtle details in the lighting, delivering breath-taking results for clients.”

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