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Designing for health and wellbeing: Rigby & Rigby feature in new Mayfair magazine

In an interview for The crafting of a new Mayfair – an insider’s guide to the Mayfair Residential Revolution, this month, Iain Johnson, Rigby and Rigby’s Head of Residential, predicts that quality of life will be the next big play in property development and reveals how the firm’s diverse architectural and interior design teams are already focusing on creating intelligent, well-researched concepts which support the health, wellbeing and lifestyle of Rigby and Rigby’s high net worth clients – as well as delivering the striking and innovative aesthetics for which the firm has become known.

“They understand that lifestyle is a key component of health and longevity. So, the questions I get asked now are as likely to be about how the property can contribute to their wellbeing, as about the aesthetics,” says Iain. “Clients with home offices are now more likely to be interested in the specific design of the task lighting at their desk, and whether the screen depth is right for their sitting positions, the ergonomics of the relationship between the chair and the desk, the functionality of their positioning so that they don’t get fatigued – questions that are commonplace now but might not have featured at all until recently.”

In the magazine, which highlights the top developers working in and around the capital’s most exclusive postcode, Iain Johnson also reveals that Rigby and Rigby is increasingly developing its global footprint – as London-based clients introduce them to new opportunities abroad. “I’ve just completed a project for a private client in the Middle East and we’re looking at other opportunities in the Far East and Europe. Both of these are previous clients that are inviting us to look at their projects abroad,” he added.

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