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Business not as normal

We currently find ourselves in unchartered territory as we face the global pandemic of COVID – 19 Coronavirus. Never have we experienced a situation where our daily environment has been subject to such unpredictable and rapid change. This event will definitively have a major impact in our industry and to our business. Clients, investors and trade suppliers will all suffer from the downturn that will be felt and it will take a while to recover.

Whilst we are all sharing the same feelings of fear and uncertainty for our health and that of our family and friends, our strength will lie in our unity, understanding and respect for those around us. First and foremost, the health and well-being of our employees, clients, suppliers and industry colleagues is our top priority whilst ensuring project delivery. It is not business as normal but we are fortunate to be one of the best-equipped delivery teams in the business to be able to work flexibly and continue to serve our clients’ needs.

With this in consideration many of our studio employees are working remotely on projects whilst we continue to monitor the situation around COVID – 19 Coronavirus adhering to government guidelines and advice. We are committed to maintain working practices and have implemented special measures to keep business as close to usual during this challenging time.

Fortunately, we already had the infrastructure and agile working technology in place which we use to work internationally on a remote access basis which allows us to seamlessly deliver work and carry out meetings remotely. We are confident in that we will be able to maintain the high level of service, professionalism and dedication to excellence that we are known and respected for regardless of our physical location.

We remain open for business and are servicing clients through telephone, video and online communications as needed. We are taking measures to ensure that those who are not working from home are protected in our offices as well as when they are on our project sites.

We are currently focused on maintaining construction activity and programme, however with global uncertainty and escalating matters in the United Kingdom this position will be closely monitored by Rigby & Rigby moving forward. We have taken all necessary steps to ensure our contractors and sub-contractors’ safety and well-being including the use of daily thermometers and maintaining a superior level of cleanliness as expected on all our construction sites.

We will push through this difficult time together and come out more united and stronger.

Yours sincerely,

The team at Rigby & Rigby

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