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BKK 207 – Topping Out Ceremony

Rigby & Rigby, a London-based luxury design, delivery and development firm, recently attended the topping out ceremony of their latest project in Bangkok, Thailand. The ceremony marks a significant milestone in the construction process, as the highest point of the building has been reached.

The topping out ceremony is a tradition in the construction industry that dates back centuries. It is a symbolic moment when the final beam or its equivalent is put in place at the top of a building. It signifies the completion of the structural framework of the building and the transition to the next phase of construction, which involves final works to ensure complete weather tightness, interior finishes and installations.

, BKK 207 – Topping Out Ceremony

The ceremony is often accompanied by a celebration to acknowledge everyone involved in the construction process. In the case of Rigby & Rigby’s project in Bangkok, the ceremony was an opportunity to showcase the progress made on the building and to thank the construction team,  Project/Cost Managers and the Architectural Team for their continued commitment, dedication and hard work.

The ceremony itself took place on the rooftop of the building, which boasts stunning views of the Bangkok skyline. The Rigby & Rigby team were joined by the Construction, Project Management and Local Architectural team, along with other guests to mark the occasion.

Rigby & Rigby’s CEO, Iain Johnson, and Associate Director, Paul Jones had the pleasure in attending this event, during which Iain spoke about the importance of this event and the significance of this project in Bangkok, and in particular how all involved should be extremely proud of the work completed thus far and the excitement of moving into the next phase of construction – and to realise this truly exceptional piece of architecture.

, BKK 207 – Topping Out Ceremony

The building has been designed to be a luxury residential super mansion over 70,000sq.ft , with high-end amenities and features. Split over eight floors, this truly exceptional project comprises of lower ground staff accommodation, 34-space garage at street level, a dedicated entertainment/guest floor, four lateral suites, plus shared terrace accommodation and pool at roof level along with a city garden kitchen for chef to grow vegetables and herbs for cooking.

Furthermore, the building has been designed with enhanced mechanical, electrical and audio visual specifications, offering the Client complete home automation, in-line air purification and fully filtered fresh water delivery throughout – providing a safe, healthy and efficient environment for the Family to live, work and play.

The Shell & Core phase of this exciting project is expected to be completed in 2023, with the Fit-Out Contract scheduled immediately following.

, BKK 207 – Topping Out Ceremony

To further assist moving this project into the fit-out stage of the contract, Rigby & Rigby used this opportunity of travel to visit three separate tendering parties, which included a review of their respective offers along with a series of factory and reference project visits – to better ascertain the quality and method of execution adopted by the three individual reputable interior fit-out businesses. This was a useful insight into the working procedures and methods adopted by comparable construction business outside of the UK – furthermore, it allows us to further extend our pool of collaborative partners on this area of the globe.

In summary, the topping out ceremony was a moment of celebration and reflection for Rigby & Rigby, as well as the construction team. It was an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work that had gone into the project so far and to look forward to the completion of the building. Furthermore, it highlighted the importance of collaboration and teamwork in the construction industry, and the commitment required to deliver a project of this quality and magnitude.

We look forward to sharing further photographs and important project updates in the coming months!

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