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100th Project


Stunning space taking shape


As the installation continues in our 100th project, the finished home is beginning to emerge from the scaffolding; revealing exceptional levels of detail, smart technology and exquisite beauty that are designed to create an inviting, exciting and ergonomically satisfying home for the client family.

The Rigby & Rigby team remains on schedule for completion of the project, which we are showcasing through this visual journal across the 18 months of the build.

Newly installed are the striking 4.4 metre Skyframe glass doors separating the living room from the garden and flooding light into the property. This exceptional international brand was chosen for its frameless, Scandinavian design and silent, fully-automated sliding door mechanism that is integrated into the lighting circuits and can be operated from any Apple device. Thanks to the flush transition between indoors and outdoors, the doors offer an unbounded spatial experience – blending the home’s interior architecture with outdoor landscaping.

Looking down on the triple height living space, from the upper floors, reveals a Bauder sedum planted roof, which was pre-grown on 20mm of extensive substrate and incorporates a multifunctional water retention and filter layer. Designed by the Rigby & Rigby team to support delivery of the planning approval, by making the building aesthetically more pleasing for neighbouring properties as well as making adding thermal insulation to the property for the client, the roof also supports development of ecological communities and provides resources for local wildlife. A stunning Skyframe roof light, in the centre of the planting, fills the room below with sunlight.

Central to the living room and looking out over the garden is the contemporary, and very cool, bespoke Baulthup kitchen – installed by Rigby & Rigby partners Kitchen Architecture. Designed around an innovative twin island concept, it creates a balanced living space built around the lifestyle of the client family and their passion for cooking. The bold design puts the chef of the house right in the centre of the room, creating an enjoyable, light-filled living space which delivers for the needs of the whole family.

Given the need to balance the heritage character of the Grade II listed property with the contemporary design of the additional space, three specialist joinery firms have worked with Rigby & Rigby to create bespoke, handmade joinery and flooring, from restoring original balustrades to the installation of a stunning Domus wood floor, sourced from Portugal, which flows throughout the lower floors, creating a seamless transition between the heritage and contemporary architectural styles.

Despite the clean lines and simplicity of the interiors this is a hi-tech house, but you wouldn’t know it at first glance. Discreetly designed, intelligent and seamless, the high specification Lutron lighting scheme, Sonos wireless home sound system, heating, air conditioning and even home security all operate from anywhere in the world via Apple HomeWorks. The integrated home management software even controls the projection screen, gym and golf simulator in the activity room, as well as the temperature of the purpose-built Hamman Sauna and pool.

Hidden technology is also at work at the front of the property, which is located on an exclusive residential road in central London. The state-of-the-art, car lift by Wohr is almost invisible at street level, just a slim stainless steel edge on the driveway hints at the slick mechanism which rises to meet the client’s car and transports it to basement level at the touch of a button.

These and many other innovations are laying the foundations for the completion of the project. In early 2018 the upholstery, furniture, dressing and accessories will provide the finishing touches turning this elegant and historic house into an elegant, spacious and contemporary home. Throughout the project, Rigby & Rigby has recorded the progress of the build with a time lapse camera and specially commissioned photography, and will reveal the full, dramatic transformation of the property as the build reaches its conclusion.


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