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Architectural Academy at Rigby & Rigby

Written by Mark Cowley

Rigby & Rigby are excited to be at the forefront of architectural education, supporting members of staff through a new route into the profession, the architectural apprenticeship. This is a game-changer in the industry and allows the powerful amalgamation of professional practice and education whilst offering greater inclusion and diversity within the field.

We are dedicated to the growth of our staff within the company structure and this route enables them to gain professional work experience within the sector whilst continuing their architectural studies to obtain their full architectural qualifications. We believe that education and research allow our company to advance within the industry and will place us ahead of our competitors. We are pleased to be part of the Level 7 Apprenticeship scheme working with Cambridge University and Nottingham Trent University and potentially other Universities subject to candidates.


The Architecture Apprenticeship Level 7 scheme is a training program designed to provide aspiring architects with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to become fully qualified architects. The scheme is typically a four / five-year program that combines on-the-job training with academic study and leads to the award of a Master’s degree / Post Graduate Diploma in architecture.

Mark Cowley, Studio Director of Architecture said; “We have found that our apprentices have gained invaluable knowledge completing their qualifications in this way due to the exposure they gain with us on live complex UK and international projects and with our multi-disciplinary team they have access and knowledge working with all members of the design and construction business.”

, Architectural Academy at Rigby & Rigby

At Rigby & Rigby many of the senior team leaders within the Architectural Studio have experienced working with architectural students throughout their careers and have tutored at Universities in previous years and have also trained in a similar manner therefore know and understand the benefits an apprenticeship route can offer.

With the RIBA publishing their recent white paper on 11th January regarding RIBA Education, it is clear to see we need to embrace different ways in bringing new talent into the industry to retain the quality and sustainability of the profession. We will explore this white paper further in forthcoming articles.

, Architectural Academy at Rigby & Rigby

We believe due to the escalating tuition fees and lengthy time commitments of the traditional education route in Architecture there is a chance students will be discouraged in pursuing their dreams and we could all be missing out on amazing talent in the future. By working with universities and apprentices we believe the strength of the Architecture profession will thrive., Architectural Academy at Rigby & Rigby

At Rigby & Rigby we will continue to work with the RIBA, universities, and our talented team of future Architects to encourage new and inclusive routes into the industry.

We are excited to continue to be at the forefront of architectural education, ultimately advancing our business and staff at Rigby & Rigby for the better.

, Architectural Academy at Rigby & Rigby

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