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Adam Williams – bespoke furniture and sculpture

For Adam Williams of Adam Williams Design, which supplies furniture and sculptures to Rigby and Rigby developments, there is beauty in complexity and in scale.

Renowned for his life size sculptures and large tables, Adam has turned a lifelong passion for creating works of art that are impressive in size and technical detail into a bespoke service for super-prime developers, creating commissioned works for their exclusive clientele as well as sculptures that spring purely from his own creative interests.

Born into an artistic household, Adam remembers a childhood spent poring over books filled with the works of sculptors Henry Moore, Lyn Chadwick and Barbara Hepworth. His first job, aged 17, was as an apprentice stonemason working on the restoration of the West Front of Wells Cathedral. He went on to build a highly successful commercial business making and designing furniture before choosing, a few years ago, to focus more on the kind of work which most interests him.

Today his stunning sculptures and furniture grace some of the world’s most exclusive brands, including Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior stores, Babington House hotel and the homes and yachts of a discrete group of high-end clients, recommended to him through his close working partnerships with designers and super-prime developers such as Rigby and Rigby.

Says Adam: “Life size bronze sculptures are very hard to find, unless you’re able to track down an original piece of work at somewhere like Sotheby’s. I produce both abstract and figurative sculptures as well as very large tables that are as much complex pieces of engineering as they are works of art. Anything from three tonnes upwards in weight is my ideal size.

“If I am commissioned to design and produce a piece for a client I assess the space and light in the room that the work will go in, the colours and themes in the design scheme and seek to understand the client’s own tastes too. This enables me to create a small number of proposals for the client to choose from. Abstract sculpture is particularly fashionable at present, although I produce figurative work too, particularly for those clients with a more traditional, classic brief.

“My inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources and research which leads me to interesting places, but I do draw upon history and mythology quite frequently too. For Rigby and Rigby’s stunning lateral apartment in 33 Grosvenor Square I produced two pieces, one of which was inspired by the fire which consumed the ancient Greek city of Smyrna, burning over nine days and leaving the city in ashes. The 1.3-metre-high piece in bronze created for the apartment reflected the devastating power of the soaring flames on the fragile structures of the city.

“I relish the challenge of making something complicated and technical. The larger the piece, the greater the challenge. I work with two technicians who assist me in translating my designs into the pieces of sculpture with each one taking three months, on average, to complete.”

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