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20 Great Queen Street – Interior Design by Rigby & Rigby

Inspired by theatre literature and Covent Garden’s playful history, a new coffee table book was created to market 20 Great Queen Street. Book design by DD London, Interior Design by Rigby&Rigby.⁠ Materiality and texture were a key link between the interior design by Rigby & Rigby and the marketing collateral created for 20 Great Queen Street.⁠ Metallic ink was used to highlight the building’s architectural story of light within the brochure.⁠ The masonic history inspired the shapes behind the development’s geometric logo, seen here inlaid in the bronze external signage.⁠ To bring out each apartment’s personality we created a series of bespoke monograms to go on signage, floor plans and within the brochure.⁠

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